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For me property investing is MAGIC!

WHY? For a few hours of work upfront: viewing various properties, offering on them, dealing with Estate Agents, brokers, solicitors etc - you can get a monthly income from your tenants and on top of that a steady underlying increase in the value of your property.

What does that mean? If you put a deposit down of 25% of the purchase price and in this example 25K on a 100K house and the market value increases after one year to 110K, then that means that you have in effect made a 40% return on the actual cash you invested (25K) at the end of the first year. How powerful is that? But it gets better, because as property investors we look to buy properties at discounted prices and properties where we can add value by refurbishing them, which then all enhances that return - AND we also look to acquire properties where there is a good monthly return: this means that the monthly rent pays our mortgage, all our monthly costs and still gives us a monthly profit.

FACTS: we all know that property prices increase over time and money devalues over that same time; this then means that property will protect you from this devaluation of your money and on top of that your debt (mortgage amount) on the property will be eroded with time - 20 years down the line, this debt will be much less significant than it was in the beginning and might have reduced to 20% of the total value for example!

If you want to learn more about Property investing, then come to the Cambridge monthly Property Investors Network meeting (every 4th Thursday of every month except December and August) - your first meeting is free by registering with voucher code HERTOGHE as my guest. Click on - our next meeting is on the 28th November.

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