About Christine Hertoghe

About Christine Hertoghe

Brought up in Belgium with a three year spell in L.A., California in the meantime, I met my husband when I worked as a flight attendant for a Saudi family. I did the classic: “married my captain” bit. We have 2 children – Stephanie (29) and Frederick (28) – and stayed in Spain for 14 years after they were born. What great years those were!

My passion for horses, and dressage in particular, lead me to organise dressage courses, judging local equestrian competitions and I was asked to represent Andalucía at the dressage federation. We left Spain for the UK where we established ourselves in Cambridge. That was 19 years ago. Both children grew up and went to University.

Stephanie did double honours F & S in Leeds. She has now established herself in the province of Malaga to pursue her dream of becoming an international dressage rider under the tuition of one of the top Spanish trainers. Frederick finished his training as a doctor and is working in Canberra, Australia.

I started investing by releasing equity from our own house and bought on average 4 to 6 houses a year until I got to 30. I tried to operate a Lettings agency but dropped it, as it turned out to be more of a job than working for myself and I could not find the right team.

I call myself a course junkie, having attended many seminars, workshops and programmes. But I have also taken action, made mistakes and learnt from them.

I love life, nature, people, and horses. Enthusiasm is my middle name. I want to inspire others to do what they love and thrive from it.


  2006 was a turning point for me. I had discovered property investments and the benefits of having mortgages.