December mini depression in the property market?

As usual, there are quite a few good property investment deals on in December. Why is that you will ask? The reason is human nature! A combination of early
Increasingly there are complaints from Cambridge residents about the constant disturbance in neighbouring Airbnb accommodation. Council planners must decide when a C3 dwellinghouse becomes redesignated a short-term visitor accommodation
Peterborough selective licensing council officer just finished his first visit to 3 of my HMOs. I was worried that however well you manage your properties, there is always something
Cambridge news says that there are 456 homes lying empty for longer than 6 months in Cambridge. Interesting that Cambridge Council want to help landlords in an initiative to
Refurbishment finished on my 6 bedroom HMO with costs slightly higher than first anticipated. A roof problem was discovered once the scaffolding was put up; unanticipated! Fortunately valuation for
  I will be speaking in various pin meetings this June. 1st June – Stoke on Trent2nd June  – Canary Wharf21st June – Cheltenham  If you want to be
Here is the extract in the form of Q&A from the published article in Connected, the magazine for Chambers of Commerce. This is to understand the benefits of investing
With the recent news that more students entered across UK Universities in 2014 than ever before it is always worth landlords considering the option of student lettings in the
Thank you George Osborne for the changes made in your autumn statement on the stamp duty tax -04.12.14 The stamp duty tax just got fairer for most property purchases!
East Anglia Children’s Hospices (EACH) plays an important role in our community helping children and their families cope with challenges that come with life threatening conditions. I have supported