Avalon Property Solutions – Testimonials

Here are a few of the words our clients and investors have been kind enough to share with us.

Hi Christine

Thank you for your email and for your time on the phone. Yes it was very helpful and very much appreciated. I feel I have done things all the wrong way around in terms of negotiating and price !! Buying a property is very different to being a landlord, I’ve got so much better at the latter over the last ten plus years and now would consider myself a ‘proper landlord’ as opposed to an accidental / amateur, however with buying property it is another matter. Still it is an opportunity to learn and do things differently next time. Yes, please do add me to your mailing list and hopefully we will meet in person at some point.


In 2010, when I was unable to sell my house I heard about Christine through a contact at Reeds Rains estate agency and that she may be able to help me with a lease option. Not knowing what a lease option was, I met with Christine and she explained it all to me. We agreed on a fair price for her to buy on my two bedroom semi-detached house. I had been a landlord for a couple of years and no longer wished to be one. The lease option gave me the opportunity to cease being a landlord and to sell my house to Christine after 5years.

At the time I agreed to the lease option the recession was in full flow and I was unable to sell my house in any traditional way. The lease was pitched at a fair price with an agreement for Christine to pay me an amount each month for 5 years. Christine was then in charge as a landlord for the property and having full responsibility for the tenants until she bought the house from me. My only responsibilities were in paying the mortgage and covering the landlords insurance every year. Christine always paid me my money on time. And this month she bought the house from me, a month earlier than the 5 year lease. I would recommend Christine to anyone as an alternative to straight sale on your house.

Nick Dudley

Hi Christine

I was really please that I came on Saturday, everytime I go somewhere I am more and more convinced that I want to be in property full time and thats my plan for the foreseeable future. I may call you in future, if I am not sure about my strategy. I think you got more insight and experience. It was nice meeting you and I am wishing you continuous success with property

Jan Trnka

Hello Christine

Its Keiza here, the young man from the pIN meeting. It was great to bump into you yesterday at the Property Investment Show. The information you gave me was life changing. I cannot thank you enough. However if there is anything I can do to help – whether its to help out at an event in London or put you in touch with the type of people you may be looking for the please let me know. I am more than happy to help! Thanks so much for your time and guidance. I’ll let you know once I become a property success and thank you personally!


Hello Christine

I have just been on yourpropertynetwork webinar and it was amazing to hear your story. All I can say is its inspiring and unbelievable that something like this can be done. I found your story really inspiring and although as of yet I dont completely how this works I am looking forward to learn. Thanks!

Roger Smith

Hi Christine,

I hope you had a nice time with your daughter. Thanks for finding us the property and providing the invoice (and the discount!). I’ll send you a cheque. As for management, we’ve asked a chap called Grant Biddle from Dunham Property Agents to manage the house for us and he seems quite good. Kind regards

Sam& Cindy Maddrell

Hello Christine,

A massive thank you for taking the time to share your story to date with us at PIN Norwich last night. It really is very much appreciated! A well scripted presentation and I just love the “Dont wait to buy property, buy property and wait!”

Richard Kerrison, Host PIN Norwich

Hi Christine,

Thank you for the statement – I am happy with that. A 16% return is a very good return, especially in today’s market! And a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. Yes please do let me know if another opportunity arises in the future.

Coleen Marx

Thank you so much for looking through this and for your comments.
What would be fantastic would be a way to get £105K by Jan 2018 and pay for the house myself, of course. Thank you once again for all your input over this year; it’s been invaluable and if it wasn’t for you I’d be sitting in rented property somewhere now. Yuck. If there’s anything I can ever do for you in exchange, please ask. Best wishes

Keith Innes Wilson

Last year in 2013, my husband was made redundant and we were in serious financial difficulties. Having found a new job my husband had to relocate and we were in a position where we needed to sell our house quickly as we could no longer afford the repayments on our mortgage or able to meet the cost of bills.

Christine was amazing and incredibly sensitive to our situation. She came to our house at a time convenient to us and explained in detail what our options were. At this time emotions were high between me and my husband and we both felt that Christine understood this and was very considerate in her approach and in the way she presented herself.

Christine gave us time to consider the alternatives and followed up with us regularly without putting any pressure on us to make a decision.

The relief we both felt was immense after the meeting, we were immediately able to trust Christine and knew we had options we were not previously aware of.

We were able to sell our house by the normal routes and therefore did not require Christine to assist us further however me and my husband are so grateful to her for her time, knowledge and professionalism towards us.

I would highly recommend Christine to anyone interested in Property Management Services or who are facing difficulties in selling their house. I do not doubt her ability to inform and support anyone who requires guidance in this field.

Thank you so much Christine for all your assistance and we wish you all the best in the future of your business.

Julie and Stuart Heginbottom