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Councils Keep Moving The Goalposts!

I had my first selective licensing visit from Peterborough Council on Wednesday to a single let property that I own up there (I am in Cambridge). It was surprising to discover what exactly the Council officer was looking for and what issues were flagged as below standard. Selective licensing came into force in December last year and all landlord within the area had to register their properties. This was not only compulsory but you are obliged to uphold the required standards they set. There are guidelines provided by central government but each council can add their own additional requirements. This means the goalposts are constantly changing which implies additional costs and time in managing these projects.

A recent example: a light fitting which was deemed legal by an electrician 5 years ago (NEIC certificate provided) now needs to be updatd as it is in a zone 1 bathroom area with different requirements. The message is to keep abreast of all changes and ensure your letting agent does too!

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