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Keep On Top Of Paperwork!

Refurbishment finished on my 6 bedroom HMO with costs slightly higher than first anticipated. A roof problem was discovered once the scaffolding was put up; unanticipated!

Fortunately valuation for the new mortgage lender came in right on target at £340,000 which was an increase of £70,000 since purchase 10 years previously. However, with the introduction of Article 4 at the end of 2011, the valuation report stated that the lender had to confirm the owner has received the conversion from C3 to C4 use. This process takes at least 8 weeks AND I have to show all the tenancy agreements between 2011 and current ones as well as situation plan and a plan of the house. This came with a hefty price tag of £380!

If you are in the same situation and either want or need to remortgage with another lender, my advice is to get this type of paperwork done asap.

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